Get your product to market faster

Simulate years of outdoor weather and sun exposure in just a few weeks or even days!

Make better predictions about the service life of a product based on accelerated material weather testing.

  • Create Intense UV exposure
  • Reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew
  • Simulate the effect of sunlight with Xenon (XER) or Metal Halide (SUV) ultraviolet and full spectrum lamps
  • Simulate rain and dew with condensing humidity and spray

Super UV

30 Times the Power of the Sun

SUV-W161 Metal Halide
Screening, Service Life Prediction

The SUV-W161 compresses years of detrimental UV radiation effects into just weeks of testing, allowing rapid verification of designs and significantly shortening product development time.

1500W/m2 @ 300-400nm, 8000cm2
295=450nm SPD
Nothing to see here

Super Xenon

4 Times the Power of the Sun

XER-W83 Xenon
Standards Compliance Testing

The XER-W83 simulates the degradation caused by full spectrum sunlight, rain, humidity and temperature compliant with global automotive, textile, plastic, paint and other test standards.

Standard Irradiance: 30-70W/m2@300-400nm, 11340cm2
High Irradiance: 60-180W/m2@300-400nm, 5670cm2
295-800nm SPD