Improving the quality of safety testing lighting systems

DueLL II LED lighting system features high lux output and optics to provide optimal lighting for overhead arrays and pit lighting, and has been designed for use with new high speed/resolution digital imaging systems to provide bright, strobe-free white light. Testing entities are also searching for lighting that does not generate heat, is environmentally friendly, and have a low cost of ownership.

DueLL II LED lighting system

The DueLL II features the latest chip on board, high intensity, white-light LED engines with 5000K color corrected temperature.  Instant on/off operation and DC electronic drivers provide continuous operation while eliminating light flicker/strobe during high speed imaging events eliminating the need for potentially problematic light system synchronization to the imaging system.

Additional features include:

  • High quality, quick response LED phosphor
  • Three beam spread options using specular focusing cones and Fresnel lenses
  • Two LED wiring circuits and drivers to enhance reliability
  • Electrical surge suppression to 15,000 volts
  • Lumen depreciation compensation to maintain light level during fixture life
  • Fully sealed and enclosed fixture with mechanical shock resistant cover
  • Passive, convective thermal management system with no fans or moving parts
  • LED COB and other components are field replaceable, components are interchangeable

View the downloadable DueLL II Sell Sheet here.

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The Blitz LED

The Blitz model LED lights feature a variety of lux levels and beam spreads to provide optimal lighting for static labs, small areas, or as portable fill-in lighting.


Onboard lighting feature 100G performance, DC power and are designed for high G-Force or confined small area applications.