with the EYE Super UV Weathering Test Chamber

Accelerate material testing – Increase your speed to market with faster data collection

Faster than traditional xenon and fluorescent UV tools

Why use xenon and fluorescent lamps when you can use a much faster metal halide Super UV?
  • Ideal for screening tests
  • Produces up to 30 times the power of the sun @300-400nm
  • Utilizes our proprietary metal halide lamp technology
  • Provides high amounts of UV exposure to the test samples
  • Correlates to traditional test methods
  • Programmable cycles
  • Spray, dew, temperature, humidity

Continuous Irradiance

Try It Before You Buy It

Schedule a Test in the SUV

Don’t just take our word for it. You can try out our Super UV chamber before you buy.

We offer scientific and industrial test lighting services on a limited basis in our Mentor, Ohio facility. We will collect the data on your own materials to help prove the Super UV is the right test chamber for your needs. Our laboratory is equipped with the 30-sun Super UV (SUV-W161) weathering test chamber and our full-spectrum Xenon (XER-W75) weathering test chamber.

Available Test Chambers

Super UV Weathering Test Chamber

A 30-sun equivalent weathering test chamber

Super Xenon Weathering Test Chamber

A 4-sun equivalent weathering test chamber

Complex Environmental Simulator

A 1-sun equivalent durability test chamber

5 Years of UV Exposure in 10 Days

Based on:
  • Annual Florida TUV 280 MJ @ 300-400nm
  • Super UV Irradiance 1500 W/m² @ 300-400nm, or 5.4 MJ/hour
  • Continuous Irradiance
  • Approximately 2.16 Super UV days = 1 Florida Year