EYE Lighting International and Iwasaki Electric

The EYE-Iwasaki connection runs deep in the culture of the company.The EYE-Iwasaki connection runs deep.

EYE Lighting International is a leading manufacturer of lamps, fixtures, and illumination systems that serves the commercial, industrial, OEM, utility and retail markets. It operates a 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility near Cleveland, Ohio.

EYE Lighting International of North America is a subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd., a Tokyo based lighting technology company focused on designing and manufacturing lighting products and light-applied system solutions. From new commercial lighting products to UV water sterilization systems, our goal is to employ light technology to create a more comfortable society and sustainable environment.

The shared culture of Iwasaki Electric Company and EYE Lighting of North America represents a world class organization of lighting technology professionals committed to quality, new product development, and complete customer satisfaction.

Customers rely on EYE Lighting manufacturing leadership, demonstrated by investments in an on-site accredited NVLAP (NVLAP Lab Code 200783-0) laboratory, ISO and OHSAS certifications, and by leading the industry in employing and training lighting experts. Over 80% of EYE Lighting key personnel received the professional Lighting Certified (LC) accreditation through the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP).

At EYE Lighting / Iwasaki Electric, we are inspired by light, and the light we create tells our story.