The Applied Optix Group Focuses on Applied Light Spectrum

EYE Applied Optix Scientific and Industrial Application Lighting Systems for solar simulation, weathering test chambers, and high speed imaging. This professional group focuses on the science of using lighting, optics, filters, and electronics to interact with matter and provide solutions to a wide range of industrial applications.

Weathering Test Chambers

EYE SUV-W161 Super Acceleration UV Durability Test Chamber

Artificial Weathering Test Chambers producing up to 30 times the power of the sun create 5 years of UV exposure in 10 days.

High-Speed Imaging

High speed imaging lighting

Our innovative family of High Output LED High Speed Imaging Lighting Systems offer unmatched performance..

Solar Simulation

Solar Simulation Systems provide illumination approximating natural sunlight in the full-spectrum, ultraviolet, or infrared ranges.

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