30 times the power of the sun SUV-W161

Metal Halide SUV-W161

30 times the power of the sun Metal Halide SUV-W161

Get 30 times the power of the sun SUV-W161 with the SUV-W161. This is a unique UV durability chamber utilizing a proprietary metal halide based super high output UV irradiator. It is designed to perform highly accelerated testing allowing rapid discovery of durability issues, and quick product development / product quality resolutions.  This is the ideal tool for strategic research and development, and is specified in a growing number of test standards.

The SUV-W161 system simulates the degradation caused by full spectrum sunlight, rain, humidity and temperature.  The SUV tool provides customers with a strategic advantage with regard to product testing, and research and development, due to the rapid acceleration of the weather testing process across the 8018 cm² target area.  This system utilizes a high output metal halide UV radiation source to provide a controlled irradiation level 10 – 30 times that of typical weathering systems, and produces test results in as little as 1/30th the time of traditional one-sun weathering test chambers. 

The system includes a built in data-logger for data storage and simple transfer to common programs such as MS-Excel. All weathering parameters and cycle functions are fully programmable including temperature, humidity, water spray, UV power, rest (night time), and cycle/duration timing.

  • 1500 ± 80 W/m² of sunshine replicating, uniform UV coverage between 295-450 nm.
  • Programmable test setup including irradiation, dark, shower, RH% control cycles.
  • Repeatable results with correlation to outdoor testing.
  • Acceleration factors greater than 100 depending on material type.

View the downloadable Metal Halide SUV-W161 Sell Sheet here.

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